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What is the MoonBoard?

The MoonBoard is a simple panelled climbing wall, 2.44m wide by 3.15m high, angled at 40 degrees and set with a selection of numbered holds consisting of crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets.

For many years, our customers have reaped the benefit of our MoonBoard system, and there are now 1000s of MoonBoards all over the world, both in private and commercial facilities.

This type of training board is the most effective strength training tool for climbing.

The concept is simple. The MoonBoard allow users all over the world to climb and train on the same problems as each other. All MoonBoard holds are numbered and have a clear compass direction indicator. The MoonBoard LED system provides even easier identification of the problems. Beneath each MoonBoard t-nut position is an LED light, which is controlled by our MoonBoard App. When the user selects a problem on the App, the holds that make up that problem are illuminated by their corresponding LED lights.

Our new LED system gives users access to 1000s of MoonBoard problems in just a click and a swipe, making the MoonBoard training facility even more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.

The Moonboard can also be used without the LED system.


This MoonBoard system is supported by our website and our new free MoonBoard App. The MoonBoard App brings all the benefits of the MoonBoard website to the user’s smart phone or tablet, by allowing you to:

  • Choose the MoonBoard hold set up, including position and orientation
  • View problems set up by users all over the world
  • Light up problems (LED MoonBoard required)
  • Quickly and easily add, sort and filter problems by grade, user rating etc
  • Record all your ascents on the built-in logbook
  • Grade and rate problems
  • Create multiple lists of problems, for example warm ups, favourites, projects or training routines
  • Switch between Font or V grades.
  • Shares lists of problems with friends around the world

The App works on iOS (8.1 and above) and Android (4.4 and above). Bluetooth Le 4.0 is required for LED MoonBoard.


The Foundry, Sheffield UK