MoonBoard Rules

Learn the correct method for climbing the MoonBoard, from starting a problem to identifying permitted footholds.

  1. All problems start two handed. If there is only one start hold you must start with matched hands.
  2. All problems start with both hands on the designated start hold or holds and finish on the designated finish hold or holds.
  3. The rules for which footholds are allowed are indicated in the problem details in the MoonBoard App.Depending on which hold setup you have chosen there are up to 5 possible options. 1) Feet follow hands. 2) Feet follow hands + Screw-on footholds. 3) Screw-ons only 4) Footless + kick-board footholds 5) Footless (no kick board).
  4. All kickboard footholds are allowed.
  5. All kick-board footholds are place slopey side facing up.
  6. All start holds must be on row 6 or lower.
  7. All problems finish on the top row of the MoonBoard either matched if there is only one finish hold or on separate holds if there are two finish holds. You must hold the finishing hold or holds in control for 2 seconds.
  8. You are permitted to use any part of the numbered hold.
  9. Matching and heel hooking is permitted.
  10. The grading system is either Font or V grades. You can change this in the App settings.
Video: How to Start a MoonBoard Problem