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MoonBoard FAQ

  1. All problems start two handed. If there is only one start hold you must start with matched hands.
  2. All problems start with both hands on the designated start hold or holds and finish on the designated finish hold or holds.
  3. The rules for which footholds are allowed are indicated in the problem details in the MoonBoard App. There are 4 possible options. 1) Feet follow hands. 2) Feet follow hands + Screw-on footholds. 3) Screw-ons only 4) Footless (kick-board footholds are allowed for the start.
  4. All kickboard footholds are allowed.
  5. All kick-board footholds are place slopey side facing up.
  6. All start holds must be on row 6 or lower.
  7. All problems finish on the top row of the MoonBoard either matched if there is only one finish hold or on separate holds if there are two finish holds. You must hold the finishing hold or holds in control for 2 seconds.
  8. You are permitted to use any part of the numbered hold.
  9. Matching and heel hooking is permitted.
  10. The grading system is either Font or V grades. You can change this in the App settings.

PLEASE NOTE: Holds do not come with fixings. You will need to purchase t-nuts and bolts separately. We use metric sizes, which means you need an M10 t-nut and bolt. The equivalent imperial size is 3/8″. The Original School holds require cap head bolts and the School Holds Set A, B and C take either cap head or countersunk bolts. The MoonBoard Wooden Holds Set A take countersunk bolts. The MoonBoard Footholds take cap head bolts and the MoonBoard Screw-On Footholds are fixed with screws. The following is a guide to the bolt lengths you require.

Original School Holds including MoonBoard Footholds
50 x M10 x 50mm bolts

School Holds Set A
40 x M10 x 50mm.
10 x M10 x 80mm.

School Holds Set B
40 x M10 x 50mm.
10 x M10 x 80mm.

School Holds Set C
17 x M10 x 50mm.
35 x M10 x 70mm.

MoonBoard Wood Holds Set A
32 x M10 x 50mm.

MoonBoard Screw-on Footholds
32 x wood screws.


The minimum height requirement for a 40 degree MoonBoard is 315cm and for the 25 degree MoonBoard 370cm.

The minimum height requirement for a Freestanding MoonBoard at 40 degrees is 3600mm.

If you do not have the minimum height requirement for a MoonBoard you have several options but all will affect the grade of the problems to a lesser or greater extent. The kick-board is 37cm so you could start by reducing this. Although a kickboard is not essential not having one will add to the difficulty of the problems and I would suggest you keep at least a 20cm kick-board. If you still need more height after reducing the kick-board then you could increase the angle of the Moon Board however depending on the difference in angle this could have a big impact on the grade of the problem. Finally, you could reduce the row spacing; this will make the problems easier.


As of December 2017, there are 2 possible MoonBoard set ups.

MoonBoard 2016 Set Up
Requires the Original School Holds + School Holds Set A + School Holds Set B.

MoonBoard Masters 2017 Set Up (Available at either 40 degrees or 25 degrees).
Requires the Original School Holds + School Holds Set A + School Holds Set B + School Holds Set C + MoonBoard Wooden Holds Set A + MoonBoard Screw-On Footholds (these are optional, see below for more information about MoonBoard footholds).

Please note that for the MoonBoard Masters 2017 set up it is not possible to fit all the holds on the board at the same time and therefore 10 holds from Set A, 10 holds from Set B and 6 holds from the Originals are no longer required to achieve this setup. PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT possible to buy these sets without the 26 holds which are not required for the MoonBoard Master 2017 set up.

You can have either the MoonBoard 2016 setup OR the MoonBoard Masters 2017 setup on your board at any one time. You cannot have both set ups on your board at the same time. All the set ups are supported by our MoonBoard App and MoonBoard LED technology.


You must be logged in to the MoonBoard website to view MoonBoard problems and set ups. Log into the MoonBoard website here Please note that has a different login to Once logged in you will see “Hold Setups” listed on the left hand side menu. Select this menu and choose the “View” option where you can see the hold positions and orientations. You can also download a PDF by pressing the “Export” tab. You can access all the problems in the database and filter them by hold sets and hold setups.

You can access all MoonBoard problems via the free MoonBoard app which is available for iOS and Android.

How do I position my holds?
The “Hold Setups” document tells you where to position your MoonBoard holds. Each hold can be fixed in 8 different compass directions, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Each hold has an arrow indicator which must be pointing in the direction indicated. Use the surrounding t-Nuts/holds to align the arrow indicator in the correct direction.

MoonBoard Hold Recommendations
If you were investing in a single MoonBoard then we’d recommend purchasing the Originals, Set A, Set B, new Set C, MoonBoard Wood Holds Set A, MoonBoard Screw-on Footholds plus the LED system. This will allow you to set either the 2016 setup or the MoonBoard Masters 2017 setup.

For Gyms Installing Multiple MoonBoards
As of December 2017, there will be 3 different MoonBoard set ups. These are as follows.

MoonBoard 2016 (ONLY available at 40 degrees)
  • Original School Holds
  • School Room Set A
  • School Room Set B
MoonBoard Masters 2017 at 40 degrees
  • Original School Holds
  • School Room Set A
  • School Room Set B
  • School Room Set C
  • MoonBoard Wooden Holds Set A
  • MoonBoard S/O Footholds (optional)
MoonBoard Masters 2017 at 25 degrees
  • Original School Holds
  • School Room Set A
  • School Room Set B
  • School Room Set C
  • MoonBoard Wooden Holds Set A
  • MoonBoard S/O Footholds (optional)

If you want to install multiple LED MoonBoards at the same location you need to contact us to make a special order for the LED systems. We will need to rename the second or third LED system so that the MoonBoard App knows which MoonBoard LED system to connect to.


The Original School Set includes the 10 bolt-on footholds for the kickboard. These are NOT the same as the MoonBoard Screw-on Footholds.

There is a feature in the App, which allows the user to select different foothold rules when setting a MoonBoard problem. The rules are as follows;
1) Feet follow hands
2) Feet follow hands + Screw-Ons
3) Footless (Kick-board footholds are allowed to start)
4) Screw-Ons only

This feature is only available on the MoonBoard Masters 2017 setup and any future set ups which get released after the MoonBoard Masters 2017 set up. To allow the user this option you need to purchase the MoonBoard Screw-On Footholds.

To see where and how to position the optional MoonBoard Screw-On Footholds please use our positioning template here:


Updates: Update your app from the App Store and if there are any issues refresh the problem list or reset the cache in the MoonBoard app settings.

Troubleshooting other issues:
1. To connect to an LED MoonBoard you do NOT need to pair your device. Just let the App handle the connection.
2. You may have developer mode turned on. Try turning it off.
3. Battery saver could disable animations
4. Try clearing your filters and resetting the app.

For any other queries please visit our Facebook page where you can contact the app administrator directly.
There are also lots of “How To” videos here


MoonBoard Row Spacing Between Rows 6-7 and 12-13
The distance is 22cm between rows 6 and 7 and rows 12 and 13. This is not an error it's just the way the board was originally constructed.

MoonBoard Length
There is an error in our plans and the total length of the MoonBoard is 3 x 1220 = 3660

MoonBoard Artwork
You can download the artwork here
The paint colour references for the MoonBoard artwork are as follows. Orange RAL1023 and Grey RAL 7012.

How to replace a damaged LED
Replace the broken LED with 1 of the 2 spare LED lights at the end of the 2nd string of LEDs. Please follow the instructions on how to replace a damaged LED here

You can also download written instructions on installation and repair of the LED system here

Password reset
Users can reset their MoonBoard password and find their MoonBoard username here:

Access to the old database and archives
We do not support the old MoonBoard set ups and problems.

Customers outside the UK
All MoonBoard components and kits can be purchased directly from us at We don't charge the 20% VAT on our foreign orders which our domestic customers pay (the prices on the website are inclusive of VAT) however as per our terms and conditions customers are responsible for any import taxes that may be levied so it's probably worth investigating this prior to ordering from the UK site. Shipping costs are automatically applied to your cart according to your shipping destination.

Shipping to Russia
We do not ship to Russia, as we've had quite a few issues with Russian customs in the past. However, if you want to arrange the shipping yourself please contact us and we can arrange your order.

MoonBoard Components & Holds - Weights & Dimensions.
School Holds Set A-10kg Box Size: 37 x 28 x 23 cm
School Holds Set B-13kg Box Size: 37 x 28 x 23 cm
School Holds Set C-17kg Box Size: 37 x 28 x 23 cm
MoonBoard Footholds-0.5kgs Box Size: 13 x 20 x 10cm
Originals School Holds-5kg Box Size: 25 x 25 x 23 cm
MoonBoard Wood Set A-3kg
LED Kit - 3.6kg - Box size L42cm x W30cm x H18cm
DIY kit excluding holds-Approximately 120kg
MoonBoard Pad System-Approximately 225kg
Freestanding MoonBoard-Approximately 500kg. – Packs onto a pallet
H157cm x W88cm x L258cm