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Unlimited Training Possibilities

Discover the MoonBoard

A Standardised Training Wall

The MoonBoard is a standardised interactive training wall that connects a global community of climbers through shared problems and competitive performance rankings.

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Connect & Climb

Use the FREE MoonBoard smartphone app to access the global network of user-generated problems. Climb problems set by your friends and climbing heroes.

Connect the app to your MoonBoard to illuminate problems on the wall as you climb.

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Get Stronger

Register each ascent to your MoonBoard logbook and track your progress over time using the climbing performance assessment tool.

View your logbook in the app or by logging into the MoonBoard website.


Add Problems

Create and upload your MoonBoard problems to the app for other users around the world to climb.

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Get Started

Build your own MoonBoard or discover a MoonBoard gym near you to begin the next step of your climbing training journey.

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